Hope at Sir Ivan's castle with Cindy Guyer

The Olympic games have finally gone full circle. It only took about 3000 years. Flags of 202 nations competing in Athens for the Summer 2004 OIympics.

"Show us that sport unites by overriding national, political, religious and language barriers. We need peace, we need tolerance, we need brotherhood."
Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee President said to the athletes.

Greece is the smallest country since Finland in 1952 to host the Olympics. Participants include 10,500 athletes, 75,000 spectators and 4.5 billion TV viewers worldwide. The Greeks managed to condense over 3000 years of history into 3.5 hours of TV viewing. Today however, the toned bodies are no longer nude or we would have to catch them on cable.

Next month I will check out the Olympic sites firsthand before setting sail on a Ferretti yacht named, NEVER SAY NEVER. How's that for a bondesque voyage. Greek Gods BEWARE...HOPE is on her way! Then this Bond babe is off to the Rolex Regatta in Sardinia with her first stop, the Billionaires Club.

Probably should stock up on some GOOGLE before I leave town. Maybe I'll see the founders who created this gem in their college dorm just 6 years ago at the Billionaires Club. They have earned their membership many times over. The recent IPO price placed the value of Google at $23.1billion, more than Amazon.com at $16billion and just below General Motors at $23.7billion. I think I'll let them buy me a drink. Or better yet, the best magnum of champagne in the house. 1000 Google employees became millionaires so I guess they won't make it past the ropes at the B Club! I wonder how the Door Gods can tell your paper networth? Maybe they google you on their cel phone.

Or perhaps I should quickly visit the set of NIP/TUCK to mutate into a Greek Goddess before my trip. This top-rated cable show that is the brainchild of former Miami Herald reporter, Ryan Murphy is moving up the Hollywood ladder. He's replacing his knife on the small screen with Vanessa Redgrave and Jill Clayburgh for Running with Scissors alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore.

Several readers of my last newsletter where I bravely featured myself in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini...asked what diet I am on. Hope's version of the SOUTH BEACH DIET - that's all the champagne & sushi u can consume! And my other vice: I am a SPINAHOLIC! It burns calories, releases endorphins and cleanses out all of the previous night's decadence. And for my quiet nights at home, it's a SUBWAY SALAD... founder Fred in Ft Lauderdale, do you read me - I am ready to be your next endorsee!

The unique flavors I encountered this month at a 5 course yacht dinner hosted by Bella Mare condosin Williams Island were Turkish, Egyptian and Ukrainian. We were a multi-cultural mix of realtor VIP guests wined and dined to seduce us to sell you this upscale new project.

Last month I ventured back up North for a weekend in the Hamptons. There I attended my friend, Sir Ivan's record release party at his castle. This caped crusader is putting his energy into PEACE on EARTH, the name of his new CD. We were all adorned with peace symbol necklaces upon entrance into his fantasyland.

Photo of the month:
Crystal dining in Hamptons home
Along with peace came ROMANCE. This was in the form of my gal pal, Cindy Guyer who has been crowned the Queen of Romance. She adorns the covers of all those romance books alongside Fabio. Well, stay tuned for her new reality TV show called Looking for Mr Romance. I have volunteered to be the casting director. My couch is ready so all Mr. Romantics at heart, please step up, lay down and describe to me our most romantic evening together.

If it's a castle you are after, Ivan's is no longer for sale. Better head to the West coast mansions which seem to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Try movie mogul, Marvin Davis' estate which has been reduced from $70million to just $59.5million. It's too late for Tara Plantation in Kauai, Hawaii which Hollywood producer Peter Gruber of Mandalay Properties sold earlier this year for $46million.

Closer to home on the sunny sands of South Beach, Shaq found his shack for $20million. It's a super-sized McMansion on Star Island outfitted with 8 foot doors by former NBA Heat player, Rony Seikaly. For us civilians wanting a healthy outlook on life, CANYON RANCH can be yours in condo form in Northbeach. Or for affordability on the bay, try THE FLORIDIAN, a recent condo conversion property for a mere $200-400,000 range. My favorite is still APOGEE for the starting price of $2.5million if you are lucky enough to be on the VIP waiting list. Or for those that want a real true blue loft, not the artificial variety - I have just the one for you at around $1million. Or for the best double waterfront lot on one of the Venetian Islands, cough up $7million and I'll hand you the front door keys.

Hope & DJ/Artist Amalia at Tangerine
And finally, our new American Golden Girl is 16 year old Carly Patterson. She made Olympic history as she became the second American woman to win the Gold medal in gymnastics all around. Move over Mary Lou, Carly has the world stage. And rather than Disneyworld, she should come visit Miami and strut her stuff on our golden beaches.

Here's to the Gold


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