A Time of Hope and Joy

If I may indulge you for a moment in Chinese lore:
“Our old friend the dependable, problem-solving, laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank Wood Monkey propels us into a time of hope and joy. Chinese Wood Monkeys come swinging along every sixty years, helping us clean up our messes…and while they are at it, they make us laugh. Monkeys keep us surprised and entertained while we improve our own lot and make life better for those who have suffered most.

The last Wood Monkey year was 1944. WWII was booming to a halt. People all over the globe were beginning to smile again, promise returned to the lives of millions of starving, displaced, lonely or lost souls. Such is the way of a Wood Monkey year.

The year 2004 will lead us out of dark tunnels into the clear light of day. We will, once again, be able to plan and succeed with projects, cultivate luscious crops, give generously of love, experience thrilling passion, reconcile with enemies, understand oddball neighbors and irascible in-laws. In Monkey years, anything can happen. And most of it will be good.

Get ready. The Wood Monkey will stay around until February 8, 2005. During his reign, previously barren efforts will bear fruit and families will thrive. In obedience to the Merry Monkey, even the weather will grow sunnier.”

Suzanne White

I wish to share this year of optimism with all of you.

Even New Years Eve was a sunny affair and the fireworks at the strike of midnight exploded over clear skies in South Florida. I rang in the New Year at a truly one-of-a-kind Greek-inspired home called La Casa Blanca on Hibiscus Island. It was to my surprise, designed by an Italian friend of mine. Bravo, Dado! And the homeowner, John Turchin has now paved the way for creating unique oasis’ into our lifestyle here. And his hospitality is even more generous and genuine. Me and a thousand of our closest friends were wined and dined from dusk til dawn. Champagne wishes spread like wildfire at this soiree of all soirees. And developer, John and my creative buddy Dado can build you your very own villa for a mere $20 mil or more! Like the monkey, these boys know how to mix business with pleasure. Well if the Monkey does us right, we can all be swinging in style this year.

It is my birthday this month so I am a fish – Pisces species. So that means I am a dreamer. I live in an ethereal state. And it is true, I am a bit psychic and can foresee trends far ahead of the Average Joe. I see a very bright future for my newly chosen city of Miami. It is going through a renaissance period.

All walks of life and neighborhoods are experiencing growth and transformation. I find it quite exciting to be able to participate in these changes. Each area has its own neighborhood association and one can really have a voice. My neighbors come out in droves to these local gatherings that discuss the future of where we live. People care and people get involved here. In NYC, I felt the machine was just too big to have an individual impact. I go to City Hall meetings and they actually hear and record my voice. My opinion seems to count and be heard here. This is fun and I hope our neighborly concern pays off for the good of all.

The real estate boom sees no signs of slowing down in South Florida. Nothing stays on the market very long. Now it seems like everyone wants a piece of the Miami pie. One luxury project sold out even before they opened their sales office. And with the Euro rising rapidly against the almighty dollar, that continent will be the next to invade our sunny sands. I plan to help those Europeans spend their Euros here on real estate. I welcome inquiries from friends and family near and far with their real estate needs and desires. May you all have a stake in the Sunshine State.

And the recent 63rd edition of the Miami International Boat Show seemed to think bigger is better. It is not only the biggest boat show, but also shows the biggest boats. Well, I guess yachts are needed for all of those new docks built next to those luxury high-rises. And after you buy your yacht and penthouse, make sure to save some time and money to invest in all the fine art Miami now has to offer.

For my birthday, I wish that all of my friends find the year of the Wood Monkey all it predicts to be. Here’s to a great year of monkeying around!

Best wishes,
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